Top Ten Gift List for Joggers

Buying the perfect gift for the jogger in your life can be hard. Whether it’s a Christmas gift, a present for their birthday, or a little something that just tells them how much you care, you want to choose a meaningful gift they’ll be sure to use. To help you achieve that means, here’s a top ten gift list for joggers:

1. Brightly-Colored Jogging Clothes
To help keep your jogger safe and easily seen by motorists when they’re out running, why not look for a brightly-colored jogging suit? Red, yellow and orange colors will help them stand out from the scenery so they’ll be seen. Or, choose a fluorescent tee shirt or a pair of shorts they can wear while they’re jogging.

2. Fluorescent Lightweight Vest
A fluorescent, lightweight vest is another item that’s on the top ten gift list for joggers. Similar to the ones that road crews wear, these vests are easily seen by motorists. These vests can be worn over a jogging suit, or over tee shirts and shorts, so they’re versatile. Check your local sporting goods stores for availability. Or, perform a hunt on the Internet by using your favorite search engine.

3. Flashing Arm Bands
Your local sporting good store also probably carries these special flashing arm bands. Instead of relying on just color to be seen, joggers can wear one of these on their arms. The flashing light helps them to be seen by motorists.

4. Heavy Cotton Socks
Anyone who works on their feet a lot knows that heavy cotton socks can actually help protect your feet. The heavy fabric helps cushion your feet and absorb the shock that’s caused by jogging.
Plus, cotton will also absorb moisture and help keep a jogger’s sweaty feet dry and comfortable.

5. Portable, Easy-to-Carry Water Belts
Carrying a water bottle in their hands just isn’t an option for serious joggers. But, buy them a portable, easy-to-carry water belt, and they’ll have everything they need for their workout. This type of belt holds a small flask for water. It also has a couple other pockets for securely holding a cell phone, house keys, or other small items. Look for this top ten gift at your local sporting goods store as well.

6. Sports Watch
This is an item on the top ten gift list for joggers that will make you tap your forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” A sports watch can be the perfect gift because it serves so many purposes. First, of course, it gives the time. You can also choose sports watches that feature
handy heart rate monitors, timer, stopwatch, compass, and more! Most department stores carry sports watches, or check the Internet.

7. Personalized Baseball Cap
What jogger wouldn’t love a personalized baseball cap to wear while they’re out exercising? And not just any cap, but a personalized cap that’s made just for them! You can have their name put on it, a favorite saying, anything they would like. Just visit your local sporting goods store or check the Internet to find the baseball cap you’re looking for.

8. Sweatbands
Sweatbands makes the top ten gift list for joggers because everyone who runs can certainly use these! You can choose headbands or wrist bands. They’re not real expensive, and they can be found at your local department store. Look for cushioned sweatbands because they’re more comfortable and absorbent.

9. Ankle and Wrist Weights
Ankle and wrist weights can help your favorite jogger get into shape faster. Just make sure to choose the right weight so he or she will be comfortable when they wear them. Ankle and wrist weights usually range from four to ten pounds, and they can be found at sporting goods stores.

10. Personal Alarms
You can find a personal alarm for that jogger on your list that conveniently straps to their wrist or their waist band. Look for a personal alarm that emits a siren of at least one hundred decibels so it will be heard clearly and for a long distance. A gift like this will help keep your jogger safer and more secure.